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‍‍‍This is u‍‍‍‍‍‍s.

and just one more thing...‍‍‍

We love to laugh. A lot. We love being silly and adventurous and playful.

We love to be ourselves.

Inside Reconnective Life is our opportunity to bring you all into our sandbox, and share with you our musings, pie recipes, life hacks and grandpa jokes (well, Eric's mostly ;-).

WE LOVE to hear from you - as we evolve this space we want to expand and include other concepts and themes. Share your Reconnective Life experiences with us!

Inside Reconnective Life





It is the most exhilarating thing, to be living in the RH frequencies. Yet it's also sometimes the hardest thing to explain‍‍‍ - how do you convey this inner sense of perfect freedom and expansion through words? Perhaps pictures will do a better job.

Because. Frequen‍‍‍cies.

We are not alone in our adventures, in putting all of this together. IRL brings together not only our friends and families, but also all whom we've met and meet around the world.

It Takes‍‍‍ a Village

We are not your gurus. We are not your spiritual life overseers‍‍‍. If anything, all we want to share with you is our ever-developing understanding of what it means to be Human and evolving faster than ever thought possible.

This is who we are.

Opening ‍‍‍Our Lives

Inside Reconnective Life