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Our travels and adventures in Austin - got‍‍‍ta love the ponies and bunnies!

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The Bunnywells - Formerly Known As "Lucy" and "Ricky"

8-26-17 • Aust‍‍‍in, TX

(As Hurricane Harvey is wreaking Havoc in Texas,‍‍‍ our friends and RH practitioners the Honeywells are in the eye of the storm on the same day we spent time with them, and Lucy and Ricky, in Austin a year ago. Here's a memory we're fond of - we hope you like it!)‍‍‍

We wanted to bring in as many animals as we could for our Reconnective Healing for Pets® pilot program in Austin 2016, and at some point Jillian and I decided we had to have bunnies at the program, so we rescued Lucy and Ricky. We housed this sweet pair of rabbits in our hotel room for the duration of the training.

It soon became apparent we didn't know a lot about bunnies. Let's just say they might have a temper (did you know they bite and scratch?), and bathroom etiquette is not at the top of the list of their traits...

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We realized that we were not cut out to be parents to rabbits, and one of our s‍‍‍tudents, Lisa Honeywell, volunteered to adopt them.Thanks to Lisa and her husband Greg, a year later the "Bunny"wells  (btw, they turned out to be girls) are thriving, and we have fond memories of their antics and of our time in Austin with all our friends, human and animal.

Livin' La Bue‍‍‍‍‍‍na Vida (or is it La Bunny Vida?)

"I Would Take You Home With ‍‍‍Me"

Reconnective Pets®, Austin, TX, summer 2016. All t‍‍‍he students and teaching assistants had already gone inside after spending a couple of hours with the horses and a pony brought in to receive Reconnective Healing®.

Suddenly, Eric sat down next to the pony, which was placidly grazing by the few chairs that hadn't been put away yet.

A gentle stillness filled the space as the pony stopped grazing and paid attention to Eric and the RH frequencies entraining the two. Jillian approached them slowly, as to not disrupt this sweet exchange.

Wistfully, Eric whispered: "I would take you home with me... if you weren't going to poop all over the place."

The pony shook his head, and searched Jillian's hand for another carrot. :-)

8-26-16 • ‍‍‍Austin, TX