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Book signing, expos and more!‍‍‍

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At the Find Your Fl‍‍‍ow! Event‍‍‍

‍‍‍10-7-2017 • Basel, Switzerland

Having a blast at the Find Your Flow! Convention in Basel, Switzerland. We are giving daily talks, and on Monday we give an 8 hour workshop on Reconnective Healing - we are going to play with the frequencies!! We'll post in depth coverage starting on Sunday.

In the meantime, here are some pictures from the city itself, and moments we snapped as we took in the sights and history of this place.

The Three Muses - or "Active L‍‍‍istening", as we have come to call them.‍‍‍

Jillian and Eric with Sabine Schade.

‍‍‍Eric and Jillian with Greta Lipp, the event's organizer.Watch Eric interview Greta about healing!

Jillian's beret has received rave reviews... and may be‍‍‍ the catalyst for a "transformation" - watch video here

Presentation at the ‍‍‍Find Your Flow! Eve‍‍‍nt

10-8-2017 • Basel, S‍‍‍witzerland

We've had such an amazing time at the Find Your Flow! conference in Basel, Sw‍‍‍itzerland. At the presentation today we had Isabelle and Hilda help us demonstrate how easy it is to feel, find and follow the RH frequencies.

Eric with audience member Hilda, and Sabine Schade, who received ‍‍‍a healing at this conference last year.

Pascal Voggenhubber, Eric, Jillian and Gabriel Palacios. Pascal a‍‍‍nd Gabriel are two best-selling Swiss authors.

Book Signing in Basel

10-8-2017 • Basel, Switz‍‍‍erland

We are totally enjoying ourselves at the Find Your Flow! Conference in Basel. Here's a clip of Eric signing books right after today's presentation.‍‍‍