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Having fun in‍‍‍ Porto!

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11-10‍‍‍-2017 • Porto, Portugal

Enjoying a few free hours before we start our Live Immersion program tonight we went for a stroll arou‍‍‍nd town, taking in the sights, enjoying the atmosphere of this vibrant city!

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Hello‍‍‍ Porto!

11-10-‍‍‍2017 • Porto, Portugal

We are enjoying our hours of freedom exploring this lovely city, and its maze-like streets‍‍‍.

And saying "hello" to everyone we meet.

"Hello! Hello!"  So much fun!

Por‍‍‍to Street Fun!‍‍‍

11-10-17‍‍‍ • Porto, Portugal

We are in Porto, ready to start our last Live Immersion program for 2017!

Even as we continue to explore the theme of "Freedom" in this month's Daily Vlog I couldn't resist asking some wonderful young people at a coffee shop what "feeling free" meant to them.

Check out what I had to say about "feeling free" in our Daily Vlog!