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México lindo y querido -- We can't wait to return in 2018!

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Moments from the Level ll -

Live Immersion  Prog‍‍‍ram

7-2‍‍‍0‍‍‍17 •Mexico City, Mexico

Here are a few selected pictures fr‍‍‍om our Mexico City program in 2017.

Meet th‍‍‍e Team!

7-2017 • Mexico‍‍‍ City, Mexico

Here are some pics from the Level ll program in Mexico City - our teaching team and volunteers!

Our Littlest Studen‍‍‍t

7-2017 • Mexico City, Mexico

This lovely little chih‍‍‍uahua made us all smile on the last day of the program.

Torrential rain, 50 pesos t‍‍‍acos and nopal juice for breakfast - we loved every minute of our program in Mexico City!

Guglielmo Poli and Carlos Vélez

Ana Clavell and Gugli‍‍‍elmo Poli

Carlos, Margarita Alvárez, Guglielmo, Marcela barbotto ‍‍‍and Gabriela Salazar.

Setting up for the Level ll -Live Imme‍‍‍rsion  Program

7-2017 • Mexico C‍‍‍i‍‍‍ty, Mexico

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‍‍‍We really need bigger suitcases!

02-02-2018 • Mexico City‍, Mexico

Choices, choices.  We had a tough time deciding between bringing back beans, chips or donuts.  Which one do think we ended up with?  Plus, see what I crunch on at the end!  ‍‍‍

Ohhhhh, I bet Ana would love some of these delicious fresh donuts!  Hmmmm, should we get her some???