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Travelogue - Colorado‍‍‍

Our travels and adventures in Colorado, US‍‍‍A!

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‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Lunch (Fun) Hou‍‍‍r in Denver

De‍‍‍nver Presentation

15 Minute Vacation

Live and in Person!!

9-10-2017 • Denver, Colorado

As our Live Immersion program in Denver comes to an end, we find ourselves feeling exhilarated and in ‍‍‍awe of our students - their joy in their discovery of their own power is something that touches us deeply within.

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Our Level ll students in Denver thought they would get a break from us at lunch... So silly of them! We sent them out to talk to strangers!

Their lunchtime assignment entailed them having others feel the frequen‍‍‍cies of Reconnective Healing®, and we tagged along to check on their progress. So much fun!!!

Of course, we suspect that those who met us on our visit this past August knew what to expect. You know who you are... ;-)

9-10-2017 • Denve‍‍‍r, CO

8-4-2017 • Denver, CO

We love to watch people as they have that wonderful "a-ha" moment  when they first start playing with the frequencies, but t is specially gratifying when we see young people taking to it so quickly and naturaly- unlike us adults they still do not have expectations or preconceived notions that might hinder their experience.

We found this flyer was on the ranger board at our hotel. Magic eggs?!? Rainbow poop?!? ‍‍‍Is this for real? Well, we werent't going to take any chances so we didn't stray from the  trails and did not pick up anything rainbow-colored... ;-)

Is This For Real?

8-4-2017 • Denver, CO

We take breaks when we can - they are few and seldom, so we make them count. This was a backyard  15 minute vacation. The hotel where we staying at in Westminster, Colorado was surrounded by wilderness and we just went out and explored!

Eric shares the secrets of the U‍‍‍‍‍‍niverse!

The cicadas singing befor‍‍‍e the storm arrives...

8-4-2017 • Denver, CO‍‍‍

Eric dancing with the NDE'ers.

‍‍‍‍‍‍Mary Beth Kennedy facilitates confere‍‍‍nce visitor Gina Croci an experiential mini session at the Reconnective Healing® booth.

Gina shares her experience with Mary Beth an‍‍‍d Eric.

At the IANDS Con‍‍‍ference‍‍‍

8-3-2017 • Denver, C‍‍‍O‍‍‍

Gina Croci a‍‍‍nd Mary Beth Kennedy.

Janet Tarantino and Ma‍‍‍ry Beth Kennedy.

The IANDS Conference (International Association for Near Death Studies) was a first for us - and an unforgett‍‍‍able experience! Particularly for Eric, whose own Mom had such an experience while in labor with him (Eric‍‍‍ recounts the story in his book The Reconnection:Heal Others, Heal Yourself).